Major Advantages and Challenges of Freelance Writing

Do you like the idea of being your own boss but don’t want, or are unable, to make the leap into starting an entire business from scratch? Consider becoming a freelance writer instead!

Being a freelance writer is a privilege that many people aspire to. Whether you’re looking for the freedom to work from home or simply the opportunity to earn more money, freelancing can offer all of this and more. However, freelancing isn’t without its drawbacks too.

Freelance writing is a great way to gain experience in your field and to earn money without the hassle of launching and running a start-up. Freelance writers have their brand and get to choose clients based on what they’re most passionate about. Plus, freelancing offers an outstanding work-life balance.

The five core advantages of freelancing

  1. Flexibility:

Freelance writing is typically a part-time gig, so you can still hold onto your full-time job while you “test the waters” and see if freelance writing is a good fit for you. Plus, if you have other commitments, whether it’s family, school work, or another full-time job, freelance writing gives you the flexibility to write on your schedule.

  1. Control:

You decide what you do and when. You can set your loose deadlines (we generally recommend a two-day turnaround). As long as you meet the minimums, we’ll accept your pieces whenever they’re ready, and have a great time doing so.

  1. Exposure:

If you’re a talented writer, then chances are others will be willing to pay for your work whether you’re working from home or in meetings with clients.

  1. Opportunity:

The variety of freelance writing is huge and caters to a wide range of voices. Freelance writing can be an excellent way for new writers to get started and learn techniques that will serve them for years to come. Even if you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll frequently find yourself learning new things as you explore different outlets of publication.

  1. Money:

It’s true- there’s no such thing as easy money, but working freelance certainly comes close.

Like all jobs, there are drawbacks. Here’s a quick rundown of the challenges that come with being a freelance writer:

The five core challenges you are going to face

  1. Lack of structure:

Perhaps this is just me, but one of my favorite things about having a set schedule is knowing when I need to be somewhere and what I have to do when I get there. If you like having your day planned out for you, freelance writing might not be for you.

  1. Competition:

For a job that’s about writing, many people want to do it. That means there’s lots of competition out there for getting assignments and landing larger projects.

  1. Getting paid:

While we try our best to pay writers promptly, there have been instances where we’ve been late in delivering payments, which is incredibly frustrating for us and extra-stressful for you.

  1. Quality control:

Chances are, you’ll be writing for several different clients at once. While this can be a good thing from a financial standpoint, it’s not always ideal because it can make you spread yourself too thin.

  1. Finding enough work:

If you’re a new writer or one who is having trouble finding gigs, then the challenges of getting enough work can pile up quickly.

Freelancing isn’t for everyone

The key thing to remember about freelance writing as a job or career is that it’s not right for everyone. If you need structure and the structure doesn’t come with the territory, then stepping away from that and finding another means of income may be in order. If you’re a new writer, don’t feel down if your first few gigs are slower going than you’d like. Just keep taking on new jobs and gaining new experience.

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