The secrets of becoming a successful writer

Congratulations are in order if you are already freelancing for a living. By this, I mean you are in it full time rather than just getting your feet wet. I know that it can be hard work but it is worth it. Trust me. 

However, I need to be straightforward with you. Many become unsuccessful in this venture just because they get personal with rejections. Truth is, most successful freelance writers have a success rate of 10% to 15% with their pitches.

Therefore, if you are truly all out to succeed in this business then you should take into consideration some of the significant factors that would boost your chances.

Here’s how to start:

  • Get trained 

By training, I don’t necessarily mean that you need to get a degree for your freelancing business. Yet, in case you’re beginning without any preparation, you’ll probably need to teach yourself here and there, so you can deliver quality work as it so happens.

In the event that you don’t have the cash or time to get an actual degree, consider enrolling in one of the numerous online courses. They’re normally more moderate than formal degrees, and you can deal with them independently from anywhere.

In case you’re intending to head off to college or are currently studying for a degree, you might need to consider formal investigations that will assist you with accomplishing your objective.

In spite of prevalent attitude, English based positions can be productive, and the equivalent is valid for other gigs like research writing and journalism articles.

  • Pitch religiously 

Writing is the only way to break through this career. To help you take this leap of faith, you must begin pitching and applying for gigs regardless of whether you don’t have numerous clasps. 

Even the highly paid freelancer started from somewhere, right?

Obviously, regardless of your freelancing background, there are different approaches to feature your diverse abilities. Given the possible vast ocean of ideas that you might be having in your mind right now, many of your prospects could be worried sick on where to find witting inspiration. Get to work, start pitching, and don’t stop only until you are fully booked.

  • Have an online portfolio

Your pitches will be undeniably more compelling if you connect them to your portfolio for editors to countercheck your work.

This doesn’t need to be anything extravagant! A static site will do, even one made with a free basic template. In addition to the fact that it is perfect and simple to follow, this has the potential to land you significant work. It matches editors with authors and other content writers dependent on explicit beats and ranges of abilities. It is a great way of convincing more clients and earning more as a freelancer.

At last, having a site makes you feel more real and brings your freelancing career to life. While doing so, it is also a good idea to make sure that your social media accounts are consistent with what you do. Any great proofreader will check them out while getting to know you more.


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