Main aspects of ghostwriting job

There are those people who still say that being a ghostwriter means practicing something unethical. Unless the person hiring credits the work of the ghostwriter. Just like it is the same as someone cheating on a paper in English. Or, in some cases, people call it lying. But if no one is grading the paper, then why must we consider the person writing the paper?

The origins of ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the kind of job that goes way back in the previous centuries. There even rumors or discussions that Sir Francis Bacon is like the ghostwriter of the work of Shakespeare. Another example I can give is speech writing, ever since the time of George Washington till now. There are those people who write speeches for the presidents. 

The people who work in the background on speech writing are the people that must have the appreciation. It is because they the ones who are doing most of the work. When people use the work of other people as their own, that is plagiarism. And plagiarism is like a ‘crime.’ 

What are you going to face as a ghostwriter?

But you see when a group of two or more two agree that one can own the work and the other does the work in the background. This activity of ghostwriting is something or a platform where one can use one’s work and reshape the speaking voice to fit their own.

If you are a writer, you need to find a way to make money through writing. When deciding what to write, you can also opt for ghostwriting. However, people will not recognize you as the writer of the speech.

Now let us face the truth, we in the current generation, the people who do not know how to write, have the consideration of being worse than the people who write articles. It is a judgment that doesn’t look fair at all.

The ethical aspect

Not every chief executive officer is at that level because they have the idea of writing. In most cases, those people are in that position because other people who write are behind them. I do not understand, but when you turn such a person into being a ghostwriter, people conclude that it is no ethical.

A lot of companies in the globe today seek help from companies that advertise. This happens because some marketing strategies require no-name writers. They also go for help from those writing and advertising companies. And when the company comes up with the strategy, no one will expect the Chief Executive Officer or the board to write down the strategy. These people are just there to approve projects and look at the final piece of work. In this scenario, someone else is doing the work, and no one can sue the company for doing something unethical.

Is it a bad idea if you give the person who made the work money? If a person hires someone who is a career coach and pays him, people look at it as ethical. What makes the ghostwriter unethical is when the work of the ghostwriter is credible.

The ghost’s work must at least have the ability to put across the message that the person who hires another is going to pass to the audience.


When you plan to become a ghostwriter and let someone present your work as their own, you two should agree and work on something that will favor both of you. Becoming a ghostwriter, you should understand that such things are going to take place every time you submit an order. However, ghostwriting career will be perfect for those ones who don’t want their name to become public.

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