Which jobs can you acquire with a degree in History?

What do you think you can do with a degree in history? We all know that critiques about the arts are not useful, but we can say that the future is clear. In this article, we will share the relevant jobs you can take when you want to write essays in history. However, if you are very flexible and you need jobs from other departments of history. You can also get jobs that are out of the academics section but relate to history.

Below we will give a list of jobs that you will choose from. When looking for a job in a field related to history, check out these ideas:

Research associate

An employee’s salary from doing this job ranges from about thirty-two thousand United States dollars to seventy-two dollars United States dollars. These particular people do the most work of taking care of the consulting part of the historical events. These records – one can use them when he is looking for genealogical records. But most it is most important when they are the archival records. They have the skills to look for records, but they also make sure that the research quality has an excellent quality. 

Archival assistants

These employees get salaries from doing this kind of job range from about eighteen thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars. This kind of people is essential in a way that they preserve and organize history. If in your library, you are doing some research on archival assistants. You will get to know that there is a lot of detail that one out at this kind of job. This kind of job involves you preserving people’s lifetime work, rather than doing your work.

Assistant editor

These employees get salaries from doing this kind of job range from about thirty thousand dollars to sixty-six thousand dollars. These people use most of their time to read and write. It makes it one of the jobs that most people look for. Not all stories are about history or heritage. But many stories talk about these same themes. One can be an assistant editor for various companies. They include the following:

  • Academic publishers.
  • Museums
  • Heritage departments of the government.
  • Genealogy companies

Genealogy specialists

These employees earn salaries from doing this kind of job range from about twenty thousand dollars to forty-four thousand dollars. There is no estimate of the salary that a gemology special earns, about sixty thousand Canadian dollars to one hundred thousand Canadian dollars. That is some many that are very high. These people spend most of their time researching and looking for small details like military records, passports, ship manifests, and census collections. 

These people can easily swap positions with research associates. So one can apply these kinds of jobs interchangeably within a specific company.


These employees earn a salary from doing this kind of job ranges from about thirty-five dollars to about seventy dollars. These people don’t specifically work in places that relate to history. But a lot of them work in the sector of heritage. Developing that natural love.


There are many other jobs out there, and these are just a few that you can opt for.

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